Perfect Asset

Kosame Dash
Oliver Flynn
Getting over a breakup is always difficult. For Kosame, she could go without everything that comes with her ex except his big cock. The thought that Oliver is free to fuck whoever he wants and that she won't feel it inside her anymore is what has her thinking she's made a huge mistake. Her friends have told her the usual that she is better without his and told her to go home and to play with her favorite vibrator because it doesn't sext with other girls. However, now that she is along and horny all she can think about it Oliver. As her vibrator buzzes on her tight teen pussy and she feels her juices leak down to her perfectly round ass, she can't help but fantasize about his big hard cock going in and out and the feeling of his balls hitting her ass. She can't help it. She texts Oliver and he's agreed to come by to see her. Little does he know that makeup sex is the best kind there is.
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