Alexis Monroe

Blonde bombshell Alexis Monroe has all the assets to be every guy or girls fantasy. Her perfect tits, round ass, and seductive blue eyes send chills to all the right parts. A true sexual goddess who has been leaving viewers wanting more since her entrance into porn in 2012. She takes full control of every scene and loves every minute of it.



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House Guest

Needing to get away for a while Alexis Monroe's friend suggested to check on her house and stay awhile. What she forgot to mention was that there already was someone staying there. Mike seemed harmless, plus as the days went on she couldn't stop thinking about him. Knowing that her trip was coming to a close she decided to make her move while he was in the pool. With a body like hers who could resist? Watch to see how once Alexis sets her sights on a man it's all she can think about.

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